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Frédérique Gardien : Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Adolescence: L.O.L?

The very French reticence at questioning alcohol use by adolescents on one hand, and a possible alcoholism of the adolescent on the other hand, compels one to a reflection on the reality of the concept of addictive economy, which should not be confused with that of dependence on a substance. In such conditions, not only is adolescent alcoholism not a fantasy condition, but it seems interesting for us to question these two expressions of alcohol consumption as an attempts at escaping the hold of a very fusional relation, which only gives rise to the conquest of a pseudo-empowerment.

Adolescence, T. 31 n°1, pp. 107-118.

Frédérique Gardien : alcoholism in adolescents : prevention or risk-reduction policies ?

How can we speak of prevention in adolescent alcohol consumption, when it is not accepted that alcoholism in adolescents represents a risk during this period ? Alcohol dependency does exist in adolescents, however, and true prevention is conceivable only in connection with a wider questioning of alcohol consumption in France.

Adolescence, 2008, T. 26, n°4, pp. 1003-1009.